Got downsized last week

At 60 decided to retire from engineering after 40 years and start working from home(NO not Credit, CDM, whatever).

Dirty Trick

Anyway the rest of the users were going to a job fairĀ and lunch there after so I tagged along. I was shocked to figure out that about a third of the companies (mostly service and sales jobs) there were Lenders!! Pre-paid legal, CashForUS, LenderLoan, BestCash, etc. I stood by their booths and not one of them admitted to anyone they were payday lender. They were distribution companies looking for District Sales Managers. Blood suckers! Only Prepaid Legal used their real name.

Dirty Trick

Nikken distributors rented an Executive Suite, hired a headhunter and ran ads in the newspaper for District Sales Managers. Got resumes, and set up interviews. Can you imagine showing up for an interview to find out it’s lender.
The good news is after 6 months and many thousandĀ dollars they got NO ONE. We are getting smarter I guess.

My advice if this happens to you, complain to your State Attorney General and tell everyone you can. You can be sure my ex coworkers know the truth.