business plan

I would have loved to see that business plan (the 5 card stud business plan!) LOL

Apparently there is a lot of mathmatics that is calculated into “games of chance” and therefore you can predict with a bit of a degree of certainty what the outcome is going to be. Luke hit it on the head when he was asking about a business plan for FinTech. You can, by the math, work one out. It’s never done because the “odds” of succeeding are opposed to the rhetoric used.

In gambling its easier because most people gamble and some people are risk takers (play the odds). They tell you upfront that the house generally wins and you will generally lose.

If I remember correctly the business plan for 5 card stud was about 36 pages long and most of it was math. Oh, and the outcome was bad enough that I don’t gamble for a living.

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